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We have put together some of the comments received from the many families we have been able to support.



We are enormously grateful to everyone at Home from Home for making
our daughters nursery years so much fun and for making her feel genuinely
cared for. We have been hugely impressed with the set-up and I think
it will be a wrench for us as well as for her when she leaves.

Family at the Cricket Pavilion Aug 2013.



May I just let you know how fabulous the staff at Home From Home are? Last Thursday, my train was delayed from Euston due to overhead power line trouble. I called Home from Home at Bridgewater to explain and they arranged to collect my daughter from Westfield and take her to Bridgewater. This enabled my neighbour to collect them both for me and take them home at 6pm.
This made a huge difference to my stress levels and was above and beyond loveliness!

Out of School family Jan 2014







We have been with you for 12 years since our first child was 2 and you and the team have looked after them both with such care and love and kindness.
We appreciate everything that the Home from Home team have done for us over the years and wish you continued success.

Daycare / Out of School family July 2016